Provide Elegant Lighting At Lower Costs – 8W Led Downlight

October 17, 2012 By CH Lee -

Downlighting is a great way to highlight a special accessory or space or provide elegance to a room. Traditional 50 watt halogen lights used for this purpose can be expensive to run and create more heat than light. By replacing halogen lights with more efficient LEDs, you can save money and reduce safety hazards while providing durable and beautiful lighting.

Cost Savings When You Buy LED Downlights

There are several areas of savings associated with LED downlights. Although LED lights may cost more, they have a much longer life than halogen bulbs. To get the life of a single LED, you would have to purchase eight to ten halogen bulbs. You also gain savings because LED lighting is more efficient. They use approximately 15 percent of the electricity required for halogens. Since LEDs generate negotiable heat signatures, you also save on cooling costs. A room full of halogen bulbs will require more air conditioning than a room full of cool-to-touch LEDs.

Durable and Unique Designs

LED lights are also more flexible than traditional lighting sources. In part, this is due to the design ability provided by the technology. Durability also lends to the unique designs. Unlike halogen and other bulbs, LEDs can take a jostle or hit and keep working, making them perfect for use in high-traffic areas where you might otherwise forgo lighting.

Lighting Options

When you purchase our LED downlights, you get many options. We offer several bevel colours and our lights are also available with dimmers. You can ensure your space receives just the right amount of illumination with a set of commercial 8 watt LED downlights.

Immediate Response

Another benefit of LED lights over halogen or other sources is that you will get immediate lighting at the flick of a switch. There is no need to warm up to full brightness or install back up lighting. If your space requires constant changes in lighting, such as in a movie theatre, then LED downlights will provide the illumination required without flickering or unwanted dimming.


LED downlights are easy to install and provide an environmentally friendly and safe option. Low heat signatures, durable materials and efficiency combine to make this the perfect choice for your business.

LED Visage is your one-stop shop for LED downlights Perth and surrounding areas. For more information about how we can help you achieve beautiful, efficient lighting in your home or business, call us or complete the inquiry form on our website today.

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