Brightgreen TR700

Featuring an integrated driver and a universal track base, this LED tracklight makes retrofitting simple. Available in both black and white, the DR700 matches the brightness of a 50W halogen using only a fraction of the energy.

Available in a round 40° or 60° beam angle, this tracklight has a dual-axes adjustment, allowing the fitting to rotate 360° and the light to tilt 90°. Choose between a warm 3000K or cool 4000K colour temperatures to optimise areas for relaxation or concentration.

Pairing dynamic design with efficiency, the TR700 projects 67 lumens of brightness for every watt, compared to just 40 for a standard LED. This tracklight is so efficient, it pays for itself in just 18 months with 10 hours use a day.


General Lighting, Retail Lighting

Model No. LV-TRC-10.5W-TR700
Wattage 10.5W
Operating Voltage 220-240VAC
LED Chip Brightgreen
Lumen 720lm/703lm (WW) 756lm/738lm (NW)
Color Temperature Warm white (3000K) Neutral White (4000K)
Beam Angle 40° or 60°
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 83
Dimmable Yes
Surface Color White or Black
Diffuser Option Clear
LED Life Span 40,000 hours
Lamp Base H-Track (350° Body Rotation, 90° Angle Tilt)
Dimension (mm) 57.5 x 130mm
Cutout (mm) NIL
IP Rating IP30
Certification Fully Australian Approved
ApplicationGeneral Lighting, Retail Lighting
Warranty 3 Years