Slimline LED Floodlight

January 27, 2015 By CH Lee -

Due to Customer’s countless request, we have decided to put a stop and let it rest! That’s right, we are scrapping the additional cost for upgrading to a Toughened Glass! Toughened Glass or Safety Glass refers to glasses that have […] Read more

LED lights scientists win Nobel prize for physics

December 20, 2014 By CH Lee -

TWO Japanese scientists and a Japanese-born American won the Nobel prize in physics for inventing blue light-emitting diodes, a breakthrough that has spurred the development of LED technology to light up homes, computer screens and smartphones worldwide. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi […] Read more

Brightgreen is here to stay!

December 8, 2014 By CH Lee -

Brightgreen Australia is officially appointed as our sole supplier for premium grade quality LED Luminaire! Brightgreen is a well known Australian company who needs little introduction. This company specializes in designing and manufacturing of High Grade LED lighting for both […] Read more

Something Old and Something Due, Something Remain and Something New! Welcome to our new face-lift official website!

December 1, 2014 By CH Lee -

Everyone is delighted at LED Visage this season because the wait is over…we have finally re-established our website with a new look! Thumps up to the guys at Hyper Creative! They have enhanced the navigation interface, improvised browsing experience and […] Read more

Provide Elegant Lighting At Lower Costs – 8W Led Downlight

October 17, 2012 By CH Lee -

Downlighting is a great way to highlight a special accessory or space or provide elegance to a room. Traditional 50 watt halogen lights used for this purpose can be expensive to run and create more heat than light. By replacing […] Read more

LED Lighting Advantages Over Typical Competitors

October 15, 2012 By CH Lee -

In a competitive market and also worldwide economic situation, companies as well as people are continuously looking for ways to save money. At the very same time, a raising pace of life leads numerous customers toward the most hassle-free options. […] Read more

Governments actively support the LED lighting industry development

August 11, 2012 By CH Lee -

In the development of the industrial vigorous LED today, the various countries to LED the market pay more and more attention to, especially the LED illumination market, governments are adopting the related policy in promoting the development of LED lighting […] Read more

Carbon Tax Hit List is EVERY AUSTRALIAN

August 8, 2012 By CH Lee -

The release of the Government’s Carbon Tax hit list confirms that it is every Australian is their target. The list shows that it is the major electricity companies which will pay the bulk of the Carbon Tax. This flows directly […] Read more

Green Living

August 8, 2012 By CH Lee -

The Advantages & & Benefits of LED Illumination LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are a type of solid-state illumination that is extremely effective and lasting. While incandescent as well as fluorescent lights contain filaments in glass bulbs or bulbs that contain […] Read more

Carbon Tax to hit WA hard: Barnett

August 6, 2012 By CH Lee -

The Premier Colin Barnett says Western Australia will be hit hard by Federal Government’s carbon tax. The government has set a carbon price at $23 a tonne, and that will rise by five per cent a year before moving to […] Read more