Company background – Perth LED lighting

LED Visage Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company operating in Canning Vale, Perth since 2009. Through the years, we have worked very closely with Architect, Electrician, Home Builder and Shop Fitter… to listen and to revamp the concept of Environmental LED Lighting Solution.

Environmental LED Lighting Solution – A New Chapter

Our customers are at the helm of our innovation, that is why we are constantly in collaboration with our manufacturers and their respective R & D Engineer to develop the ultimate LED Luminaire in Environmental LED Lighting Solution. In reality, Business Owners are becoming more vulnerable to the ever rising operational cost, for instance, Electricity Bill. This has prompted a surge in demand for Sustainable lighting solution in commercial spaces and is predicted to increase sharply, hence, we are introducing more cost and energy efficient variant to SMEs, like Administrative Office, Manufacturing Plant, Factory, Logistic Centre, Car Yard, 24hrs Operated Businesses and various Showroom. Throughout our tenure, our customers have enjoyed a great degree of satisfaction not only from our LED lighting products, but also the economic values behind. “Rewards Outweigh The Financial Investment” – Quote, Trilogy Concept Store.

Being a forerunner of Environmental LED Lighting Solution, we must persevere in committing to our customer. Our strong commitment has helped us greatly in redefining our range of LED Luminaire to another level! It is a new level that we deem as ‘Minimum Requirement To Meet’ when procuring LED Luminaires. Our definition of ‘Minimum Requirement’ is Superior in Design and Superbly Crafted with Premium Quality component! Collectively, this will be our new benchmark-point in the New Chapter!

But most importantly, in every aspect of LED Luminaire procurement, we ensure that they have met the Australian Safety Standard and the International Quality Compliance Standard.

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Core Values – Personalise Service

Understanding a customer’s requirement is crucial, so we don’t just listen, we analyse your needs through Personalise Service. Only Personalise Service can offer you the supremacy care and attention you deserve. Most of all, even the slightest detail of your LED Lighting requirement will never be neglected. We truly believe that through Personalise Service, you will be approached with 100% of integrity and honesty, needless to say, such a task is not easy to accomplish but it is definitely a task that we have been continuing since the inception of our business. By utilizing our products and expertise, you will definitely experience the highest state of confidence more than your heart could desire.


Why Choose LED Visage?

Because we care fully……carefully.

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